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Wanted! Can’t find a part or lift? Post it here! It’s Free and Fast! EzyLift, Tommy Gate, Theiman, Anthony,Eagle, Holland and Leyman, even truck cranes.

If you need a part or lift gate not listed or is hard to find, list it here. You never know, someone might just have what you are looking for! If you are looking to sell parts, click the sell your lift gate button


  1. Eric

    Looking fior a rail liftgate 20’ international diesel box truck. Minded mum load capacity 2500 lbs but prefer 3000#.

  2. Walter

    Looking for a foldover rail gate for a 2014 Peterbuilt 337 with 24’box. Cart stops preferred, 60″ platform, approx. 3000 lb capacity

  3. Joshua

    Looking for a railgate liftgate for 2015 Hino 268 26′ Box truck.

  4. Sebastian Williams

    Looking for a lift gate for a 2000 GMC C6500, Waxahachie, Texas

    • Levenchie

      Hey will it fit a 2005 gmc 7500

  5. Delfino Morales

    Delfino Morales looking for a lift gate for a 2001 GMC3500

  6. Larry Wambold

    Looking for used Lift gate for 1997 Ford F-250 1,000 pound capacity Albuquerque, NM area.

  7. Nick Gibson

    Looking for a lift gate for a 2002 GMC Sierra 1500

  8. Liftgate

    If you are looking to purchase a lift gate or part leave it here in the comment box. We are working on a forum in the meantime.


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