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Truck Crane

When it comes to pickup truck cranes we really had to look hard to find one that is durable, easy to install and lightweight. We looked at a few aluminum ones but word had it they break often after regular use.

We then came across a pickup truck crane (crane can be used on many trucks) that is light, industrial strength and does not require out riggers and can lift up to 750 lbs. 750 lbs is equivalent to a Harley Davidson Motorcycle (the largest one).

Another great feature about this truck crane is the fact it comes in pieces. The total weight is 125 lbs and you can break it down to 5 pieces. This makes it a portable truck crane and since it plugs right into any V5 Hitch trailer hitch, hooking it up is not a problem. It has plenty of reach and is even used with the coast guard to add and remove boat motors. This is not a bumper crane, it pugs right into the hitch. How about the price, it is user friendly as well.

Did we mention you do not need out riggers?

Lifts 750 lbs!

Here is the part most love the most. The Price. This hitch crane is priced at 1699.00. Shipping anywhere in the USA for 250.00 and less than 200 in Canada.

With a weight of only 125 your truck is not goign to be beaten to death nor will it cost you a ton of gas to show it off.

To see more and purchase this pickup truck/industrial truck lift please leave this site and go to

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